Zita: The rebirth of this famous sport and casual shoes brand. A combination of retro influence and fresh ideas in colors and materials. Products addressed to demanding clients who like something new and at the same time, timeless. All Zita products are designed in Greece, Portugal and Italy 


US GOLF CLUB: The excitement seeing the world through the contrail of a ball, feel the thrills seeing it slide on the green and end up in the hole. Golf is diligence and passion, the same that we have spent to make the collection of casual footwear US Golf Club collection, comfortable walking shoes, a perfect balance of materials and practical for leisure that will give you the same emotions.



VERSACE 19.69 ABBIGLIAMENTO SPORTIVO SRL: With knowledge and great experience in design and fashion, created a concept that is strongly characterized by Italian elegance and quality. Today, Versace 19.69 boldly creates its own style and its own lines, following the modern fashion trends in order to satisfy the most demanding consumers.


NAVY MARINE: Its collections, with a wide range of shapes and colors, are addressed to people of all ages. At the same time Navy Marine is specialized on sailing and boat shoes and has already gained a large part of the market. Navy Marine products are mainly designed in USA and Spain. 


Giacomo Carlo Boots & More: Style for youth , biker boots with vintage materials and high fashion sneakers, consists an extended and multitasking collection. Giacomo Carlo boots and casual shoes are placed on the top fashion shops and chain. The casual collection competes equally European Brands and meets the high demands of the Greek clients, seeking for new fashion standards. Its collection offers high quality and distinguish design. Giacomo Carlo products are designed in Italy and all the components of development are also from Italy.


Giacomo Carlo: Style, elegance, a combination of classic and comfortable shoes are the response to what modern men seek for. Giacomo Carlo are available in selected stores in Greece and abroad. The classic collection offers high quality material and craftwork, ensuring comfort and glamour for modern men. Giacomo Carlo products are designed in Italy and all the components of development are also from Italy.  


GREEN STEP: Comfort, flexible and ecologically friendly. Our concern on continuous improvement led us to the search for resources of better quality and more ecologically friendly. So, we created the Green Step collection, shoes made of 100% organic cotton and natural leather, which offer comfort and style while respecting the environment. 


MUNICH :  MUNICH was born in 1939 designing and producing technical sport shoes as football, handball or boxing. In recent years, the firm has achieved a privileged place in the realm of street wear and has obtained an important growth and consolidation both on the national and international market. Some of the families of the fashion division are: GOAL, ACROPOL, OSAKA, LASARTE, FUTURA and JOC; for the kids there are: MINI MUNICH, MINI ACROPOL, MINI OSAKA and MINI SOTIL; and for the babies: BABY GOAL. The MUNICH shoes are a sign of prestige and are a “must” of every season.Through the years, MUNICH has extended it fame, and the unmistakable X, marked in each shoe, is not only a registered trademark in more than 40 countries, it has also turned in a sign of prestige and leadership.


DARKWOOD: The know-how combined with technology and first quality materials have placed DARKWOOD in the top of the International Market regarding men and women shoes.

The Navigare line was created in the early 80’s and immediately met with great succcess, so much so as to become a brand of international prestige.
Navigare style is essential and dynamic and can be recognized in all situations – from business to pleasure.