The main goal of ZITA GROUP is further expanding its activity abroad.

Through our strong product portfolio, we have already attracted the attention overseas and we are still growing. Starting from Europe, we intend to participate in large exhibitions in order to promote our collections globally, gain the best access points, improve our presence and at the same time to become faster aware of the consumers’ trends and needs.

 A key factor for long-term sustainability and growth is the existence of a strong, differentiated products portfolio.  Every season we create new products and we update the quality of production in order to achieve product perfection.

 The immediate goal of ZITA GROUP is developing a women’s shoes collection, following the demand of the market majority. We are already studying this market segment, in order to meet as much as possible our clients’ needs, even those of the most demanding ones. At the same time, by monitoring the global rapidly increasing demand for specialized sports clothing, we are in the process of negotiations with one of the largest manufacturers within this industry for the exclusive supply of its products in Greece.

 Additionally, ZITA GROUP is expanding through an e-shop channel, exclusively addressed to retail stores, via an operator with presence on the big social media.

 All of the above, are being implemented with a clear orientation towards actually helping and supporting vulnerable social groups and developing a central plan for further enhancing the social identity of our company.