We would like to assure you that for our company ZAFEIROPOULOS ZITA GROUP IMPORT TRADING SINGLE MEMBER LTD, VAT 998983973, registered at 1 Alikarnassou Str., Nea Smirni, Zip Code: 17122, the protection of our customers' personal data is of great importance. For this reason, we are taking all appropriate measures to protect the personal data we process and to ensure that the processing of personal data is always carried out in accordance with the obligations laid down by the legal framework, both by the company and the third parties that process personal data on behalf of the company.


Data Controller – Data Protection Officer (DPO)


Our company informs you that, for the purposes of business practices, it may process personal data of its customers in accordance with the applicable national law and the European Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation) as it is currently in force.


For any matter concerning the processing of personal data, please contact the Data Protection Department of our company at the email: info@zitagroup.gr


What is the data processing aim and how we are using your personal data?


Your personal data may be used n different ways depending on each processing aim.


There are cases that our company cannot proceed to certain actions without certain Personal Data, e.g. your Personal Data required during the processing of your orders, in order to be delivered by the courier company to you and not in any other third party.


Aims for processing your personal data:


The provision of the services you requested from you such as the products you wish to purchase from us. In particular, in order to deliver your orders and help you even after the purchase, the necessary data we need from you are the following:

Your full name and for companies the company’s name, profession, TIN and Tax Office, in order for the competent employee to know where they should deliver and who is the recipient.

The invoice address or/and delivery address, in order to receive the product at your own space, your phone number in order to contact you regarding your order, your email, in order to receive an update for your order.

All of the above are necessary to prevent and detect any type of fraud against you and against our company.


Upon your consent and after providing us, either when creating a member account or when subscribing to our newsletter and personalized communication, the necessary information, the following options are provided:

in order to subscribe to newsletters, to receive updates and offers you must provide us with your email address. When your sign up and you give us your consent, you will be able to receive all our updates and offers we send via email and text messaging or Instant messaging through relevant services (for example, SMS, Viber, Push Notifications, etc.)

In order to create a Member Account you must provide us with your email address and set your own personal passwords. By creating a member account according to the above and your respective consent, you will make your next orders without having to re-enter your details. You will now be able to enjoy an optimal experience with access to your account information and all the settings on your account page. This gives you access to all of your data so that you can complete or modify them as needed. You can enter in your account all the necessary information to execute your orders, so you do not have to fill them every time you want to place an order

Credit / Debit Card Details


Credit card details are requested upon completion of your orders, if you choose the relevant payment method and are used solely for their online transmission through a secure environment to the bank institution, in order to solely complete your payment. Our company does not store any credit card data in its systems beyond the last 4 digits of the number of cards so that it can be identified when needed.


What are the reasons for processing your personal information?


We only process the personal data you provide us when we have a legitimate reason to do so.


Reasons for processing your personal data:

The provision of the services you have requested from us such as the purchase of products and therefore the fulfillment of our contractual obligations in this context, the receipt of your orders, after-sales support, in order to communicate with you about your orders and generally where it is reasonably necessary or necessary under legal or regulatory requirements, to resolve disputes, to prevent fraud and abuse or to enforce the terms and conditions.

To comply with an obligation imposed by law, such as regulatory compliance for tax purposes.

Your consent under the specific conditions set by the legal framework in order to: subscribe to the newsletter, receive updates on products, services, offers, participate in a satisfaction survey, receive personalized updates, etc.

Where are your data transferred?


Our company transfers and assigns the processing of personal data to third parties, on behalf of the company.


Specifically, data is transferred only to our partner companies that provide services to send promotional material and personalized offers. Also, for the purpose of implementing the sales contract, data is transferred to affiliated companies entrusted with the execution of a part of the contract such as transport companies or points of delivery selected by you.


Storage Period


The data storage period is decided on the basis of the following specific criteria, depending on the case:


When processing is required under the provisions of the applicable legal framework, your personal data will be stored for as long as it is required by the relevant provisions.


When processing is done on a contractual basis, your personal data will be stored for as long as is necessary for the performance of the contract and for the foundation, exercise, and/or support of legal claims under the contract.


For promotional and marketing activities, your personal data is retained until your consent is withdrawn. This can be done by you at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of consent-based data processing in the period before its withdrawal.


We also maintain your account data for as long as you retain your account and you have not requested to delete it. Your data, which you give us in order to provide you with services, will be retained for as long as we can to continue providing you with these services. If it is reasonably necessary or necessary under legal or regulatory requirements, dispute resolution, fraud prevention and abuse or the imposition of terms and conditions, we may retain some of your information, as required, even after you terminate your account or we no longer need to provide you with your services.
To withdraw your consent, please contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at: 


Your rights regarding your personal data


Any person whose data is being processed by our company enjoys the following rights:


Right of access

You have the right to be aware and to verify the legitimacy of the data processing. You have the right to access the data and get additional information on the data processing.


Right of correction

You have the right to review, correct, update or modify your personal data.


Right of deletion

You have the right to request a deletion of your personal data when we process it on the grounds of your consent or in order to protect our legitimate interests. In all other cases (e.g. where there is a contract, an obligation to process personal data required by law, public interest), this right is subject to specific restrictions or does not exist as the case may be.


Right of portability

You have the right to receive your personal data free of charge in a format that allows you to access them, use them and edit them with commonly used editing methods.


Right to withdraw consent

Our company informs you that when the data processing is on the grounds of your consent, you have the right to withdraw it freely, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on your consent before withdrawing it.


To withdraw your consent, please email: eshop@zitagroup.grYou can also use the opt-out or delete options by following (clicking) the corresponding link in our online communications.


Personal Data Security


Our company applies appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure the processing of personal data and to prevent the accidental loss or destruction and unauthorized and/or illegal access, use, modification or disclosure thereof. In any case, taking into consideration the way Internet works and the fact that it is free to anyone, no one guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to violate the applicable technical and organizational measures by gaining access and possibly using personal data for unauthorized and/or unfair purposes.


Cookie Policy


What is a Cookie?


Cookies are small files with information that a website saves on a user’s computer (usually on a web browser such as Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, etc.) so that whenever a user logs on to the site, the latter retrieves that information and provides the user with the appropriate services. A typical example of such information is the user’s preferences on a website, as stated by the user’s choices on this website (e.g. The selection of certain “buttons”, searches, ads etc).


How and why do we use Cookies?


Our e-shop uses Cookies to collect e-activity information to store your preferences and settings as well as to optimize the navigation experience on the site.


We also use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features, and analyze your traffic. In addition, we share information about how you use our site with social media, advertising, and analytics associates, who may combine this information with other information you have offered them or which they have collected in connection with your use of their services.


Cookies do not damage your device in any way and may allow us to offer you faster and better navigation on our site.


We store on your device the absolutely necessary cookies for the site. By using the site of our store you accept the use of cookies.


By disabling Cookies or by withdrawing your consent, certain features of the site will not be available. Additionally, the site’s performance and functionality may be affected.


How to delete Cookies


You can delete cookies and disable their use. Please select your browser and follow the instruction:


Chrome - https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=el

Safari - https://support.apple.com/kb/ph21411?locale=el_GR

Firefox - https://support.mozilla.org/el/kb/pws-energopoiw-th-leitoyrgia-do-not-track

Edge - https://privacy.microsoft.com/el-gr/windows-10-microsoft-edge-and-privacy

If you are using another browser, please consult your provider’s information.

We are bound to process your information with respect .In case you consider the processing of your personal data violates the legislation on the protection of data, you can file a complaint to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (http://www.dpa.gr/).For any question concerning the processing of your personal data and the exercise your data, you can contact us at eshop@zitagroup.gr or at the costumer service phones at (+30) 210 9855877.